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Major General Hans Oster
  Hans Oster, was already called in 1935 to work for Wilhelm Canaris, head of the German military intelligence office.

  During WWII Oster served for Canaris as link  between the military intelligence and the German resistance.

  During the arrest of Hans von Dohnany, he became
  suspected, as he tried to conceal incriminatory evidence.

  After this incident Oster was suspended, and the German resistance suffered with it a serious set back.

  Following the failed assassination attempt of Hitler on July 20th of 1944, Oster was arrested only one day after, and locked up.

  April 8th, 1945, only a few days before end of war, he was hung on the gallows together with  Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Wilhelm Canaris in the concentration camp Flossenbuerg.

  Hans Oster was one of the most active parts of the German resistance. He was also  strongly involved with the so called "July Plot", by  Claus von Stauffenberg.
  This plot was planned  with Canaris, Goerdeler, Leber, Hassell, Von Tresckow, Schlabrendorff, Von Wartenburg, Beck and Von Witzleben.

  Oster left three children from his marriage with Gertrud Knoop, one of them was Achim Oster.

  Achim Oster served as Major General under Franz Josef Strauss in the new Federal Republic of Germany.

  Anna Oster was the wife of Achim Oster, Mrs. Oster sent a letter of thanks and remembrance to the 42nd Rainbow Division Veterans Memorial Foundation on June 15th of 2008.

  The letter went to Virginia Holocaust Museum. Mrs. Oster passed away in 2009