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  After World War I, the recession and the downfall of the Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler came 1933 as chancellor of Germany into power, and began to led the German people into a new war.

  First the German people cheered the new leader and the progress in Germany, but as history tells, Hitlers goal was from the begin of his raise in power to wage a new war, which inevitably led to WWII.

  There was resistance within the German people and within the German Military.

  Because of the "forcible coordination" of the German government and because of the secret police Gestapo this was a difficult and highly dangerous task.
  Von Stauffenberg was maybe the best known among the
  Hans Oster left three children. One of them, Achim Oster became after the war in the newly founded Federal Republic of Germany part of the government, he worked under minister Franz Josef Strauss then.

  Anna Oster, the wife of Achim  Oster, sent on June
people involved into the plot against Adolf Hitler, but many others,
military people, as well as civilians were part of the resistance.

  The highest in military rank of German resistance
was Major General Hans Oster, who was also strongly involved into the plot to kill Hitler.
  Hans Oster was murdered  together with Bonhoeffer and Canaris by the Nazis in the concentration camp Flossenbuerg in 1945.
  This letter was handed over to the Virginia Holocaust Museum, to remember the 42nd  Infantry "Rainbow" Division, affirm friendship  and remember her husband and also her father in law.

  Mrs. Oster sadly passed away in 2009.
15th 2008 for the ceremony a letter of thanks and remembrance to the 42nd RDVMF.