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  At April 29th 1945, after a long and difficult way through France and Germany, the 42nd Infantry "Rainbow" Division liberated the town of Dachau and its infamous concentration camp, and saved this way many people from sure death.
  After liberation of Dachau the 42nd Rainbow moved further to Munich, where it liberated the town at April 30th 1945.

  Till summer, July 14th 1946, the 42nd served in Austria as an occupation force, thereafter the Division was deactivated.

  The 42nd Rainbow returned in 1947 as a National Guard Division for New York, the state of its birth.
  Formation of the 42nd Rainbow happened in 1917, out of National Guard units from 26 states.

  After Chief of Staff Major Douglas Mac Arthur remarked that the Division “would stretch over the
whole country like a rainbow,” it was christened the "Rainbow Division"

  On July 14, 1943 it was reactivated and in the Autumn of 1944 its  three regiments were rushed overseas, soon followed by the entire division.

  As the 42nd Rainbow was  shipped overseas in a hurry, it lacked  at the begin of its way the support of artillery, which led to many casualities.

  In spite of all that, the 42nd Infantry "Rainbow" Division  fought its way.
The Rainbow Trail
Plaque in honor of 42nd Rainbow at the entrance of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site
  This day was most hoped for and favorable for those who got liberated, and as well for those who opposed the Nazi regime.
  Way of the Rainbow