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Ludwig Stoeckl
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  At 8:46am, September 11th in 2001 Flight 11 hit the North Tower of the WTC.

  About 15 minutes later the second plane hit the south tower.

  That time my wife Evelin was on a business trip in the United States, and very likely she was that time in New York. As I did not have the exact shedule of her trip, I had to suppose she was there.

  First news about the terrorist attack came in, but I believed it first a bad joke, as it was completely beyond belief.

  Sadly it was not, it was reality.

  Later I found out, that my wife was already in Boston, only two days before she was in New York.
  This gruesome day was followed by statements of solidarity from all over the world.

  Also from Germany such messages arrived in the U.S., a complete solidarity was assured from the then chancellor Schroeder.

  It's hard to believe, that such words in such a situation should be not more  than hollow phrases.

  Soon, as Iraq war started, the proof came that these words indeed were hollow.

  Even more, as there were elections in Germany, the German chancellor then used the fear of the Germans for his parties propaganda, and damaged our countries relations and friendship.
  Independent of demo- cratic decisions from the people of Germany, one thing I know for sure:

  A friend can say "No", but a friend would act in any case differently. Obviously this chancellor was a false friend.

  As now in 2008, under new leadership in the U.S. , there are efforts to make the Iraq war forgotten. I can not believe that it is right or appropriate to forget about the past, while there is a change in politics.

  When will come the day, that another political agenda will try to make the people forget about WWII ? Is this time already now; did it already sneek in while we were not on guard ?

  And is it possible, that the world will never learn ?