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General George Washington created the "Badge of Military Merit", known today as "Purple Heart".

  Which then consisted out of a heart-shaped patch of  purple cloth or silk, sticked with the word "Merit" and bordered with a white lace.

  "Not only
instances of unusual gallantry, but also of extraordinary fidelity and essential service in any way shall meet with a due reward."

  "The road to glory in a patriot army and a free country is thus open to all.", such were part of the words, which General Washington wrote down.
  Only three of these original Purple Hearts were created.

  General Washinton gave these three awards directly to the following recipients:

Sergeant Daniel Bissell,   Sergeant William Brown and Sergeant Elijah Churchill.

  The Generals desire was to cherish virtuous ambition in his soldiers, as well as to foster and encourage every species of Military merit, directs that whenever any singularly meritorious action is performed...

  Since then the "Badge of Military Merit", or how it was named later the "Military Order of the Purple Heart" is one of the most respected and recognized medals awarded to members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  Not earlier than 150 years later, to the 200th anniversary of George Washingtons birthday, at February 22, 1932, the award was reinstated upon the initiative of General Douglas MacArthur.

  The shape of the Purple Heart medal as known today was created by Miss Elizabeth Will, an Army heraldic specialist, working  in the Office of the Quartermaster General.

  In addition to the original shape of the award, todays Purple Heart medal contains also the bust of Washington and his coat of arms.

  Also the main purpose of the medal changed, todays Purple Heart is awarded to U.S. armed forces who have been killed or wounded in action against an enemy.
  In the year 1782, August 7th, in his headquarters in Newburgh, New York,